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Birthday Parties

Citrus Gymnastics is a fun place for boys and girls to have their birthday parties, with no hassle for parents! Children will enjoy 2 hours of open gym time where they can swing on the rope, jump in the pit, jump on the trampoline, climb the rock wall, or test out their gymnastics skills on any of our equipment. Parents love our parties because there is no set up or clean up required! We provide you with everything you need except food, plates, and silverware!

We provide:

  • 2 banquet tables

  • 1 table for presents/food

  • table covers

  • 2 coaches

You provide:

  • cake

  • any food or snacks

  • drinks

  • silverware/plates


All parties are for 2 hours and up to 16 children. For members the price is $200 and for non-members the price is $250. Each additional child after 16 is $7. We will only extend parties by the hour, every additional hour is $100.

Parties must be booked 14 days in advanced. We suggest booking birthday parties 30-45 days in advanced to ensure availability. Parties are available in any 2 hour time blocks on Saturday or Sunday. Our most popular times to have a party are 10-12pm, 12-2pm, 1-3pm, 2-4pm, and 3-5pm. 

Please tell all parents/guardians (of ALL party guests) to be sure they come in to the gym on the day of the party to sign a waiver. There is no age limit on parties, all are welcome.

Spiderman Costume

NEW! Spiderman Birthday Parties

A real-life spiderman will be at your child's birthday party. The party will include an acrobatic show, pictures with the children, and spiderman will interact with the kids for the duration of the party. The party is for 2 hours and up to 16 children. For members the price is $300 for non members the price is $325. We only extend parties by the hour every additional hour is $125. *Parties are dependent on spiderman's availability.* Parties must be booked 30 days in advanced.

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