10 Dreamy Curtain Ideas For Bedroom Windows

1. Bring the Drama

Pleated brocade drapes provide drama and height to this jewel-toned space. Rich details like the channel tufted silk headboard and mirrored side table complement the gold tone.

2. Play With Color

Putting the valance on the ceiling emphasizes the room's height. With lime green and turquoise accents, the check pattern looks contemporary rather than country cottage.

3. Raise the Ceiling

A complementing brown, nature-inspired pattern adds interest to the monochrome design. This room exudes royal elegance with a modern touch.

4. Brighten Your Space

Sunny citron panels give this area a young feel. Another design in a different hue would've been too busy, but the plain curtains keep the happy concept going. 

5. Create a Canopy Bed

You might omit the windows and use drapes to dress up a plain bed. A simple black metal bar on the ceiling holds these, so you don't need a new bed frame.

6. Separate a Sitting Area

This drape room divider makes studio living more appealing. Instead of colorful or patterned panels, sheer panels let light from far windows in while separating living and sleeping rooms.

7. Blend Into the Wall

Choose a wall-matching color or pattern. This design approach adds depth discreetly, especially with a contrasting trim and woven window shade.

8. Mix and Match Stripes

Matching tones and patterns may unify window coverings. A balanced design is achieved with the Roman shade and curtain panels in the same fabric and varied stripe patterns.

9. Try Printed Sheers

Soft light filters through these translucent floral pleated curtains, which match the room's warm, earthy colors. They also make windows appear bigger and brighter when hung at ceiling height.

10. Hang Color-Blocked Panels

Try color-blocked curtain panels to create interest without a pattern. The bottom section gives the area weight, while the more prominent hue highlights the wallpaper's gentle pink accent.

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