12 Boho Bathrooms To Inspire Self-Care Sanctuary

Add an Area Rug

In this largely white area, a vintage carpet warms the tile flooring quickly. A natural wood stool and a potted fig tree create a bohemian bathroom.

Use Complementary Colors

Choose bright colors for a boho bathroom using the color wheel. This cool-toned crimson contrasts with the sky blue background for a dramatic impact.

Designate a Seating Area

A bathroom with a seating area exudes elegance. For a bohemian aesthetic, use rattan, bamboo, and carved wood and lots of plants.

Play with Natural Materials

A seashell-paved vanity dominates this bohemian bathroom. It resembles late 19th-century European OG bohemians. Ornate sconces and hardware enhance decadence.

Have an Accent Wall

One bright accent wall might give you a bohemian appearance. A strong, bohemian aesthetic is achieved using ombré tile in an eclectic design.

Try an Allover Pattern

Boho design emphasizes pattern. Statement wallpaper won't be as overbearing in a little bathroom room. We appreciate how the dark wood mirror and vanity ground it.

Use Natural Materials

Paired-down bohemians might choose neutrals and natural textures. This space's wood, stone, plants, and metal appear layered and inviting, not chaotic or discordant.

Let Nature In

This shower works from a private terrace thanks to the smart additional door. This indoor-outdoor shower may be perfect for warm-weather residents.

Play with Texture

Bring wood, metal, cloth, and more! Boho bathrooms are easy to achieve by layering textures. More textures are great. Stick to a hue family for a simple, organized look. 

Think Beyond Subway Tile

For a more fascinating bathroom, experiment with tile size, shape, pattern, and color. For a modern art look, match your paint, linens, and décor.

Use Warm Tones

Spa-like boho bathrooms need good lighting. Take advantage of plenty of sunlight. Area rugs, mirrors, and warm-toned wood maximize skylight sunlight.

Keep It Cozy

Boho bathrooms with pattern are tranquil and pleasant due to dim lighting and natural textures. In a kids' bathroom like this, when bathtime is a wind-down routine, that's useful.

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