Indoor Living Room Plants That Are Easy To Care For

1. African Violet

African violets are petite and excellent for coffee and side tables. This plant has beautiful purple or white blossoms. Each blossom has a gorgeous golden core.

2. Bamboo Palm

Despite its name and look, this plant is not bamboo. Despite that formal categorization, most of your living room guests will think this plant is bamboo.

3. Bird of Paradise

This plant will draw attention from visitors wherever you grow it. Bird of paradise blooms are vivid orange and resemble bird heads. Large oval leaves may be many feet long on the bird of paradise plant.

4. Chinese Fan Palm

Chinese fan palm trees may grow enormous outside, but inside they are more likely to reach a few feet tall. The name comes from this plant's huge fan-shaped leaf, which is beautiful wherever it grows. 

5. Devil’s Ivy

Pothos is a fast-growing vine with attractive leaves. Amazingly, this vine grows quickly regardless of sunshine. Devil's ivy leaves are heart-shaped and pointed.

6. Dwarf Palmetto

Dwarf palmettos may be ideal for living room growing. As a dwarf species, the dwarf palmetto grows to 2–10 feet tall, making it suitable for many interior areas.

7. Fiddle Leaf Fig

For bigger indoor plants in your living area, the fiddle leaf fig is a popular choice. Fiddle leaf figs are traditional trees with a single stem that grow to many feet tall. 

8. Flaming Katy

First, and maybe most significantly, the blazing Katy plant features fiery winter blossoms. That bloom period lets the blazing Katy brighten your living area when few other plants can.

9. Jade Plant

The jade plant has one or a few main wooden stalks that branch out numerous times to support a tiny canopy of dark green leaves, making it appear like a little tree.

10. Madagascar Dragon Tree

The Madagascar dragon tree has a few-foot-tall main stem and long, blade-like leaves when mature. Madagascar dragon trees often have many stems.

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