The Most Popular House-Friendly Dog Breeds

Cesky terriers

Although energetic, Ceskies (derived from "Czech") are lively, inquisitive, and easier to train than other terriers. The national dog of the Czech Republic is active and laid-back.

Skye terriers

AKC considers this dog a "heavenly breed with the heart of a lion." It was bred on Scotland's Isle of Skye four centuries ago as an exterminator

Dandie Dinmont terriers

These little puppies are proud and confident like large dogs, not domineering or violent. At home, they're loving and need few nice walks to be happy.

Sussex spaniels

Though short, Sussex spaniels are sturdy, low-built, happy, and less energetic than other spaniels. A Sussex is content with a little walk.

Glen of Imaal terriers

These charming, scruffy terriers aren't elegant. Their vocation as working farm dogs gives them an inquisitive, adventurous, and delightfully vivacious personality.

Finnish lapphunds

These nimble Nordic dogs are shy around strangers yet affectionate and ready to please at home. Their stature belies their muscularity as reindeer herders. 


These strange-looking "ape terriers," are confident, inquisitive, and lively. Their famed silliness will keep you laughing at home.

Field spaniels

Field spaniels are big dogs, standing 17–18 inches at the shoulder. These clever, mild-mannered pets love to please their owners.

Sealyham terriers

The AKC characterizes the Sealyham terrier as a "substantial" tiny dog with the physique of an NFL running back ("powerful"; low to the earth), yet a calm, docile friend.